Chances to earn more than 2.000€ with Part-time work!!

Collaborator Need for Restaurant Online Ordering System across Germany!!!

UrTechPartner is small IT company in Osnabrueck that works on Artificial intelligence based IT solution and Software Development.

What it is about? 

Keeping in view current situation We have developed an online ordering system for restaurant  that is based on No commission !! No monthly or yearly payments. One time payment and get your own system on your own website/ or make a new website. Get money into your account instantly as the customer pays.

What you have to DO?

You have to simply market the solution in your area. We have already work in the market and this superb response out there , that is the reason we want to expand in the market. We will give you extensive training and address all of your queries. Indian and Pakistani and other Asian cuisine based restaurant are easy target because of language. If your German skill is reasonable you can target other restaurant as well. 

What is timings of the job?

Timing is completely flexible. You decide by your own when to work and when you have time.  5 to 6 hours weekly is recommended for good earning. But in this model you earn as much as you work. 

How you get paid?

You just Market the restaurant ordering solution in your area via telephone or physically being there. Then we will talk with the customer about all setups, installations and technical aspects. As soon as customer release payment you get 200€ out of sales. That easy it is!!