Coss Platform app (iOS , Android) Development Needed

Short details of the project is as below:

This document is about mobile app development.

Short description of the app:

This app is regarding driving school theory test.
Theory test is almost compulsory in all European countries. So the aim of this app is to provide the Theory translation of the “German” and “English” into “Urdu” language so the relevant community can be benefited.

App Requirements:

  • Cross-platform both: iOS & android.
  •  Read a loud text.
  • There is almost  1100 questions with Multiple Choice(MCQs) 3 to 4 options each.
  • Some questions have  Video situation or pictorial illustration followed by question with MCQs.
  • Correct /Wrong answer indication & training progress bar  for the learner based upon no of correct attempted answers.
  • Small test section that show maximum 30 question randomly from different categories.
  • All questions are categories into different name like: safety question, speed, environment protection etc.
  • There are different type (classed, what you can drive with) of licence in Germany A, B, C, D. Basic question are same for all classes along with class specific questions.
  • All material /sources of the material will be provided
  • A pop-up window for explanation of the question, why this option is correct and not the other one.
  • The Developer is free to use any native or hybrid technology or a  framework based or template based.
  • You can choose for example  phone gap, Flutter, Cordova, Ionic etc. or any other suitable.