Online Ordering system

You can save more than 10000 € per year with our system.

Secure your free of cost consultation, and we will show you how you can get rid of third party online ordering service provider by building your own ordering system.

Boost your Restaurant business with your own online ordering system

Commission Free
Onetime payment
Get lifetime benefit

Get Rid of Third party service provider

Keep your Profit to yourself

Having your own website ordering system provide you to keep profit from your  regular customer to your self

Multi functional 2 in 1 Android Thermal Printer

With Free app to manage and print your online orders

Customers order directly from your Website

Easy – Fast – Secure – Free

Touch screen Cashier System(Kasse)

Very sophisticated design and easy to use user interface

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we don’t provide service on commission base. It is a onetime payment service. You pay us once and the system will be yours forever.

No worries. We will create a PayPal account for you (without any extra cost) and  integrate that account in your website so that your customer can pay to you directly.

We can build you a very beautiful, responsive and sophisticated website in extra 100 euros on top of the cost of online ordering system 

No, we will provide you the “2 in 1 android printer”  for free. This printer is a Thermal printer which means you just have to change the roll and don’t have to worry about the ink.

You will immediately get the money. For withdrawing the money it can depend on the service provider. For example PayPal will release your money for  with drawing after you have conformed that the food has been delivered

We are always there for you. We will provide 1 year free of cost service in case of any error on the website that we have created.

And for the printer we are providing you 1-year warranty on the software. 

And for any other problem we are always ready to help. Just contact us on WhatsApp.

Yes, We can build on any system. For exact information please contact us 

Absolutely, Our system is built with maximum security.

Yes, absolutely. We can build the system in such a way that you can create coupons for that matter. And applying the  coupons will automatically deduce the preset discount. 

Absolutely yes, We will integrate an online payment option according to your desire. For example PayPal, credit card, stripe e.t.c 

We will provide you an APP (no extra cost for this) and with this app you can change price, name, or add a new menu to your website. It is very easy to do it, and we will teach you how.

Absolutely. We will provide you with a mobile APP(free of cost) with which you can view your daily/weakly/monthly sales. And you can even manage orders with this application.

The printer we provide will provide the notification. After Printer rings you just have to accept the order and give the time.

Unfortunately not, you have to have your own delivery service team for the food delivery. We only provide the service with which your customer can place an online order for Delivery/Pickup.

Yes, We have created A demo video for that matter.

And if you want to see our demo website you can visit:

No not included in the price, but we definitely can do advertisement in google Facebook, messenger and Instagram. This will cost accordingly.


You can offer your customer discount for those customers who use your website to order. In this way your customer can know about the system you have.
And for those customers who order from Lieferando or any other platform you can simply give them your flyer and discount code informing them to order from your website next time and help local business in this crisis.

We can make possible for your customer to place order directly from the Facebook as well