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  • Transform Your Warehouse

    With AI and Drone

  • Industrial Standard Drones

    customizable and intelligent

  • Completely Autonomous

    Safe and self-guided


Powered with Artificial intelligence

Industrial grades Drone

Drone technology for industry is in its early stages. Which mean not everybody can tame the beast. We are using industrial grade drone with highly reliable flight control, we equipped it with obstacle avoidance, autonomous flights, automatic object segmentation and your warehouse exploration capability.

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Fly over warehouse Once

Remember every single point

Thanks to advances in the field of computer vision. Now drones can fly over the warehouse once. They extract each and every point available. In fact, billions of points, where each point is a single pixel. The autonomous model in the background then trained to give names to every object. For example, this is box, this is aluminum stand leg etc. Surprisingly, it also stores the location of each pixel. Want to know how that work?? Read our blogs in plain English.

Step by step guides


All in one Solution

From inventory counting to data insights, we offer full stack and complete solution.


Autonomous path Planing

Done, explore the warehouse to plan its shorter paths to the destinations. Autonomously avoid any obstacle comes in its path. It can scan all the racks in a row automatically or go to a bin based on command from the control room.

Reliable Hardware

We use high-tech flight controls and industry standard 4.0 approved hardware for programming. Longer batter, high-end depth camera and laser sensor.

Front End Dashboard

Control and see everything from control room. Get data insights of inventory. Integrate our solution with any existing warehouse management system. Stay flexible and scalable

Hosted on AWS Cloud

Upto date nothing is reliable and securer than AWS cloud. We host everything on the cloud to give you secure, scaleable, unbreakable and reliable service.

You choose what you need.

From hardware to frontend, every thing is customizable. We can develop you everything in your environment. You decide tech stack, we act like developement partner.


How It's Work

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For a drone, you are strange :). Drone want to see your warehouse for once and try to remember everything once and forever.  We will explore the warehouse and get the training data - not a picture but 0s and 1s only computer understands. So, secure and private.

Computer Vision module want to visit you.

Track the DEV Progress with Agile Methods.

We develop with agile methodologies. You can set a milestone and can tract everything parallel and real-time. We achieve milestone and present you a demo. If something is not per your preference, we change it.

Track the DEV Progress with Agile Methods.

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