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Introduction | ROS from scratch to Expert

Drone Tech

1.1 ROS Scratch to Expert blog series

What This Series is all about?

The main purpose of this blog post series is to create easily understandable ROS1 and ROS2 instructions, ways to troubleshoot problems and ask questions from experts. The blog will be covering both the hardware and software side including code and animated gifs. The blog series is designed for beginners who always land on ROS official wiki for their problems and troubleshooting and due to abstraction of the information unable to digest all information and ultimately waste a lot of time for very small configurations and setup. So, we are going to create this one-stop shop style information layers, where you can get theoretical knowledge of practical implementation, enriched with diagrams and working copy-pastable code

Tech-Stack that is addressed into blogs?

  • ROS1
  • ROS2
  • MAVlink
  • MAV server
  • Point Cloud Segmentation
  • Deep Learning
  • Industrial Drones assembly
  • Path exploration
  • Gazebo simulation
  • map segmentation
  • Python as Programming
  • 3D navigation
  • Environment object detection
  • Autonomous drone flight
  • hardware and assembly

Who we are?

We are a Highly motivated and enthusiastic team of young professionals having university degrees in relevant fields. currently, we have developed an intelligent drone-based solution to manage the inventory in the warehouse. Our technology uses industrial-grade flight controlling, computer vision to telly the stock, and AWS cloud to host our web interfaces.

All readers of the blogs have the opportunity to ask for suggestions on specific hardware, AI, and ROS side problem, and our experts will try to answer you.


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